A Journey Through the World of Tea

Featured Tea Blogger: May King Tsang

Who are you?
My name is May King Tsang and I am the founder of MayKingTea. I conduct tea-tastings in the comfort of people’s homes, to celebrate a special occasion or as a corporate team-building experience. As a public speaker, I also raise awareness of the health benefits of loose leaf tea one cup at a time :o) I also retail and wholesale loose leaf tea.

What Blogs do you run?

How did you get into tea?
Funny story. I’ve been drinking tea since I was yay high (imagine me indicating my height with my left hand ) but just like everyone else, I was probably drinking the not so great stuff. Jasmine tea that was loose leaf but probably scented with jasmine essence rather than scented with the real flowers; drinking Pu’erh in Chinese restaurants when ordering Dim Sum on a Sunday but none of the lovely aged cooked stuff that I’m accustomed to now.

A very good friend of mine asked me to go into business with him, to open up, wait for it,  :o) a coffee house with art evenings such as film showings, poetry readings, talks by artists, that kind of thing. We did a bit of research and I reluctantly went into a Starbucks coffee house to check out the competition. I had to call my husband up to find out from him what coffee I ought to drink! And when I looked at the tea menu, all they had were tea-bag herbal infusions, and that was when I had my eureka moment. It wasn’t a coffee house I was interested in but a tea-house!

I went back to my friend and impressed on him about the tea-house idea. He loved it, and we refined our research. As time went on we realized that our visions for the tea-house were quite different and so we went our separate ways but he’s still a very good friend of mine, and that’s how I came into the world of tea.

Whats your favorite tea?
Difficult question. Depends on what I fancy that day, but I tend to like greens, oolongs and pu’erhs

What’s your preferred method of steeping?
Whatever I can get my hands on. I remember growing up and my mum just filling a flask full of tea, leaves at the bottom and the flask would just be topped up with hot water as and when required. These days I might have a flask of hot water so that I don’t need to keep using the kettle, I’ll have an infuser over my cup and reuse the leaves as required. Gaiwan is also a favorite.

What advice do you have for people just coming into tea?
Just keep asking questions. In the world of tea, you’re never alone! LinkedIn is a great place for tea discussions and advice. There are so many tea specialists out there who will be more than happy to help. Tea is a wonderful community to be involved in as the community is all about sharing.

Green or Black? Why?
Not sure what you’re asking here. If you’re asking my preference, then I would say green tea, just because of the huge variety of flavors you can get depending on country, region, estate etc. There are some absolutely delicious red teas though, but if you regard Pu’erh tea as a black tea, then that would be a difficult decision for me :o)

How many cups or pots daily?
Never really counted, 5-6 cups? 2 teapots?

Tea enjoyed better with friends or solo?
Absolutely with friends although I often enjoy being in a tranquil room, placing my hands around a cup and smelling the aroma of the tea. With the delicious oolongs I have in my range, it just makes me smile when I smell the wonderful aroma

Share with us some randomness?
Not sure if you wanted a tea random or a random random so I’ve shared both:

Tea random: I loved Lapsang Souchong so much that I drank it very several months every day, until one day I couldn’t face it anymore. That was about 20 years ago but I tried it again a few weeks back and I rather liked it!

A random random: My parents and their friends sing Karaoke so much they call it K :o) Reminds of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman when he refers to Jack Daniels as John because he’s known ‘him’ for so long.

Don’t forget to Follow May King on Twitter, check out her posts on the MayKingTea blog, and visit MayKingTea.com


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