A Journey Through the World of Tea

This Week in Tea Volume III

Ken, over at lahikmajoedrinkstea, shares the British way of tea, by explaining what high tea really is.

Over at Chadao, they review Jing Mai, a Shu Pu-erh from Canton Teas.

Tea is becoming a drink of the youth, as Gingko of Life in a Teacup observes.

Samovar announced this week they are rounding up some of the most influential tea people in America and having a chat. If you’re in San Francisco on September 14th, stop by, or watch the live stream from home.

Chama Tea Blog shares Nestle’s new toy, called the Special T.

Dao Tea must be a popular tea, as both The Sip Tip & Tea Goober are steeping it.

Jess, of Insani-TEA, takes a trip to Kenya to check out the tea scene.

Wrong Fu Cha evaluates Yixing teapots this week, split into two parts.

This week it was announced by Groupable, that our friends over at Leaf Box Tea were ranked as the top online tea club. Congratulations to Peter, Jackie and company.

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