A Journey Through the World of Tea

Featured Tea Blogger: Jamie

Who are you?
Jamie from Montreal – girl geek extraordinaire.

What Blogs do you run?
Lucid Quark

How did you get into tea?
Started drinking tea years ago when I lived in Banff (Canadian Rockies). The group of people I hung out with there was a perfect balance of artistic environmentalists and academic philosophers.

Whats your favorite tea?
Right now, it’s matcha that I make myself (the manual labor is relaxing). In the morning, I’ve been having genmaicha lately and I only drink herbals in the evening.

What’s your preferred method of steeping?(gaiwan, sorapot, etc.)
That really depends on what type of tea I’m having (I have different pots for different types), also depends whether or not I’m in a hurry and making it to take with me. I don’t have a Sorapot, though I wish I did – they’re amazing.

What advice do you have for people just coming into tea?
If someone asks me about tea, I usually offer something more common at first. Like a Chinese red or something flavored and fun (the Taurus blend from Adagio usually gets at least a smile). I’ve found that it takes a long time for people to develop an appreciation for pure teas and the complexities of the steeping process. Try to start out with an easy comfortable tea.

Green or Black? Why?
Prefer green if it’s either Japanese or Taiwanese, I just prefer the clean taste most times. Other times I’m in the mood for a fuller taste so I’ll reach for a smoky black or a Chinese red tea.

How many cups or pots daily?
Easily six litres of tea per day, more on the weekends (believe it or not).

Tea enjoyed better with friends or solo?
Everything is better with friends, love sharing.

Tell us something random?
I add matcha to my water bottle and shake, if I’m running late in the morning. Don’t know how random that is but it sure gets me some odd looks.

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One response

  1. Great interview, Jamie! Thanks for a great post, Jordan! I have done the matcha/water bottle trick on the run too- desperate times call for desperate measures, right?? 🙂

    September 14, 2010 at 2:39 am

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