A Journey Through the World of Tea

This Week in Tea Volume IV

Happy Friday tea lovers!

What you may have missed this week, in tea:

A special congratulations to Chris Bourgea and his company, BourgeaTea, for being ranked 9th of the best tea companies over at TeaViews

Deb + Brad from Travel+Tea have conducted interviews with fellow tea and travel bloggers this week, along with some other awesome posts. Be sure to check them out.

Little Yellow Teapot had Chai week this week. Here is their review of Tipu’s instant Black Chai Tea.

Jess Hodges of the Insani-TEA blog takes a trip to Taiwan, sharing the tea-centric culture that she found.

Continuing with the talk about Taiwan, over at Tea Guy Speaks, find out more about the Taiwan tea market.

Stéphane Erler at Tea Masters shares his Pu-erh Collection.

This past Tuesday, Samovar Tea Lounge hosted “The Mavericks of Tea,” a discussion with some of the forerunners of tea. It was very a great success, and you can catch the video of the event and enjoy it at your leisure.

The real party Tuesday was over at Leafboxtea as they hosted an online party of sorts, having a chat during the Mavericks of Tea. It was a hit and you can expect their next chatting event to be even better.

As always, you can find links to these stories and more over at our delicious bookmarks.


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