A Journey Through the World of Tea

This Week in Tea Volume V

Without further adieu, what happened this week, in tea…

Jess Hodges continues her series of Tea around the world at Insani-Tea. This time it’s a trip to Sri Lanka

Tea Goober reviews Puttabong Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling.

In this week’s episode of Tea Show TV, Michael and Sam try Samovar’s Hawaii grown Oolong.

Over at The Voice of Tea, Cindy Gold’s tea cook book Culinary Tea is discussed.

T Ching‘s Laura Logsdon shares with how to freshen your home with your old tea leaves.

Travel and Tea takes a look at black tea from Kenya.

Do you know who Anna Russell is? Learn some English tea history in this Leaf Box Tea post titled Unstanding Anna.

For those free next Tuesday, Samovar will be holding another live event. Join founder Jesse Jacobs as well as Leo Babauta, Tim Ferris, and Susan O’Connell in a night of zen and life management.

Cinnabar of Gongfu Girl shares a comedic video titled Tea with Tyson (Mike Tyson that is).

Like always, you can see these links and more at our delicious bookmarks.


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