A Journey Through the World of Tea

Metropolitan Tea Co.: Gunpowder Green

The other day, I was sent some of Metropolitan Tea Company’s Chinese Gunpowder Green tea by a friend of mine.

Gunpowder is traditionally a hand rolled green tea from the Guangdong province of China, and is named because it resembles grains of explosive gunpowder. Gunpowder green tea plays a pivotal role in Moroccan tea culture as mentioned in a previous article. The flavor of this tea is more smoky and leans more towards oolong than most green teas.

I steeped just under one tablespoon of leaves in 180°F water for about 3 minutes. The color of the tea after I steeped it was brown/green, expecting it to be bitter, I was surprised at how light tea the flavor was. The smokiness of this tea is nothing like that of a Russian caravan or a lapsang souchong It sort of lingers at the back of your tongue, and is really only noticeable if you really pay attention.

As far as greens go, Gunpowder is not your run of the mill vegetal/grassy tasting green. Now I have had this tea before in the past and enjoyed it. Today though, when I picked up a sample and steeped it, I have to say I didn’t enjoy it all that much. The smokiness was very light and it just tasted old.


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