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This Week In Tea

This Week in Tea: Volume VII

Our apologies go out for being so lacking in the posts this week. Between Jordan preparing for midterms in school, and my own general life complications, we were unable to put out posts Monday and Wednesday. This week has the potential to be another busy week, but we will attempt to put something up on the proper days. As always, thanks for reading and following our work, your support is greatly appreciated.

This week, Harvard Health Publications released a study about the benefits of drinking green tea.

All the Tea in China, a new book written by Sarah Rose is the subject of review over at Tea-Guy.com (not to be confused with Tea Guy Speaks).

Darya Pino, a San Francisco blogger, discusses her transition from coffee addiction, to tea drinking at [dp].

William of the Leaf reviews a traditional Anxi Tie Guan Yin.

Over at A Felicific Life, Nada is roasting oolongs.

Asiatic Fox shares the hopes of wellness with Ginseng Tea

Over at Floating Leaves Tea, blogger Shiuwen Tai shares a recipe that brings shrimp and Baozhong tea together.

Rich, from Sharing My Cup of Tea list some uses for old tea.

Lastly a big congratulations goes out to Hobbes of Half Dipper for the new addition to the family.

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This Week in Tea: Volume VI

A giveaway of Tipu’s instant chai is coming to its close over at Expanding Leaves, be sure to sign up before it ends.

What is Fucha pu-erh tea? This week Art of Tea has the first in a two part post about the tea that is gaining popularity in both Japan and Europe.

The science of Ceylon is explained over at The Taste of English Tea Blog.

Rishi Tea’s Serene Dream is reviewed at Lainie Sips this week.

Learn something about competition green tea over at Tea Obession.

Sir William of the Leaf shares a wild oolong he received this week.

Lastly Alex Zorach stumbled upon a cool resource for all tea lovers.

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This Week in Tea Volume V

Without further adieu, what happened this week, in tea…

Jess Hodges continues her series of Tea around the world at Insani-Tea. This time it’s a trip to Sri Lanka

Tea Goober reviews Puttabong Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling.

In this week’s episode of Tea Show TV, Michael and Sam try Samovar’s Hawaii grown Oolong.

Over at The Voice of Tea, Cindy Gold’s tea cook book Culinary Tea is discussed.

T Ching‘s Laura Logsdon shares with how to freshen your home with your old tea leaves.

Travel and Tea takes a look at black tea from Kenya.

Do you know who Anna Russell is? Learn some English tea history in this Leaf Box Tea post titled Unstanding Anna.

For those free next Tuesday, Samovar will be holding another live event. Join founder Jesse Jacobs as well as Leo Babauta, Tim Ferris, and Susan O’Connell in a night of zen and life management.

Cinnabar of Gongfu Girl shares a comedic video titled Tea with Tyson (Mike Tyson that is).

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This Week in Tea Volume IV

Happy Friday tea lovers!

What you may have missed this week, in tea:

A special congratulations to Chris Bourgea and his company, BourgeaTea, for being ranked 9th of the best tea companies over at TeaViews

Deb + Brad from Travel+Tea have conducted interviews with fellow tea and travel bloggers this week, along with some other awesome posts. Be sure to check them out.

Little Yellow Teapot had Chai week this week. Here is their review of Tipu’s instant Black Chai Tea.

Jess Hodges of the Insani-TEA blog takes a trip to Taiwan, sharing the tea-centric culture that she found.

Continuing with the talk about Taiwan, over at Tea Guy Speaks, find out more about the Taiwan tea market.

Stéphane Erler at Tea Masters shares his Pu-erh Collection.

This past Tuesday, Samovar Tea Lounge hosted “The Mavericks of Tea,” a discussion with some of the forerunners of tea. It was very a great success, and you can catch the video of the event and enjoy it at your leisure.

The real party Tuesday was over at Leafboxtea as they hosted an online party of sorts, having a chat during the Mavericks of Tea. It was a hit and you can expect their next chatting event to be even better.

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This Week in Tea Volume III

Ken, over at lahikmajoedrinkstea, shares the British way of tea, by explaining what high tea really is.

Over at Chadao, they review Jing Mai, a Shu Pu-erh from Canton Teas.

Tea is becoming a drink of the youth, as Gingko of Life in a Teacup observes.

Samovar announced this week they are rounding up some of the most influential tea people in America and having a chat. If you’re in San Francisco on September 14th, stop by, or watch the live stream from home.

Chama Tea Blog shares Nestle’s new toy, called the Special T.

Dao Tea must be a popular tea, as both The Sip Tip & Tea Goober are steeping it.

Jess, of Insani-TEA, takes a trip to Kenya to check out the tea scene.

Wrong Fu Cha evaluates Yixing teapots this week, split into two parts.

This week it was announced by Groupable, that our friends over at Leaf Box Tea were ranked as the top online tea club. Congratulations to Peter, Jackie and company.

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This Week in Tea Volume II

This week the conversation with author James Norwood Pratt continues with Sam and Michael over at Tea Show TV.

Stéphane Erler of Tea Master revisits Oriental Beauty, a tea he has dubbed “Perfect.”

If you find yourself in Xiamen, Fujiman China on November 5-8 you should check out the
International Tea Fair
they will be holding, William over at Tea Guy Speaks tells us all about it.

Do you know your tea drinker? Tony of World of Tea profiles Nicole Martin of Tea for Me Please.

It’s All About The Leaf‘s Cynthia shares with us the Chatsford Teapot from The London Teapot Company.

Lainie sips some of American Tea Room’s Bao Zhong Royale Oolong.

Charles Cain posted an interesting post this week over at T Ching titled “Passion, Pleasure, and Profit”

Find out what exciting discoveries Jo brought back from her Teaventure in China over at Ya-Ya’s Tea Board.

Over at Leaf Box Tea, forum member Sarah asks “How do you take your tea?” Be sure to join in the conversation, and check out some of the other forum posts as well.

Finally, remember that old hemp shirt you got when you were going through that hippy phase? Get rid of it, and get a “Tea Shirt”.

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This Week in Tea Volume I

It seems that in the world of tea, there is no shortage of creative and entertaining people, sharing their experiences and using their own expertise to bring information to the masses. I have over the last week been marking things I find interesting, and I have tried to come up with a diverse list of things I found. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the websites, people, and news stories that I came across this week. Without further ado, the first edition of This Week in Tea:

Over at Tea Guy Speaks, blogger Williams I. Lengeman shares two new products on the market, the ESP Emporium’s Brew Stop Iced Tea Maker, and UV’s Sweet Green Tea Vodka

Tulsi (a.k.a holy basil) is a traditional medicine in India and is also used as a seasoning or herbal tea. Read as Alex Zorach drops some knowledge about handling holy basil properly.

Early in the week I stumbled upon this article when Stephen Wise of Utopian Tea, sent it out through twitter. Scientists have found that bottled tea may contain fewer antioxidants than brewed tea.

Lucid Quark, home of the blogger Jamie (of Montreal) shares with us her experience with the new tea from New Zealand, known as Zealong.

Jesse Jacobs (owner of Samovar Tea Lounge) shares with us the trade secrets of Samovar Tea Lounge at his website Real Ritual.

Tea Show TV’s episode this week features part one of an interview with author James Norwood Pratt.

Nicole does a quick review of Element Tea’s Chocolate Mint at Tea For Me Please.

Bourgea Tea’s Detox gets reviewed by Melissa Wrzeniewsky of Expanding Leaves.

The humans over at Little Yellow Teapot brew up Shui Tea’s Butter Baroness and review it for you.

Finally, post that Cinnabar of Gong Fu Girl put up, titled Pictures of Objects.