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Featured Tea Company: Samovar

First of all let me start by apologizing for the rather long hiatus. With school and my father being sick, things got a little busy. Thank you to all of those for the prayers and wishes.

Today’s post is something I am rather excited about, today’s featured tea company is Samovar. For a little history on Samovar and how it came to be you can read their story here.

I’d like to thank Jesse for taking some time to answer a few questions.

Where are you located?

San Francisco

From what Country’s do you get your tea from?

China, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, United States, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos

What do the customers mean to your company?

Everything. There is no company without our customers. We exist to share the tea experience with our customers.

What are some of the difficulties with selling tea?

Teaching people that good tea is so simple.

This is a three-parter. What tea does every one order?What  tea would you suggest for tea newbies?What is your most uniquetea?

1.They are all different, just like every person is different.

2.Ryokucha, Earl Grey, Ocean of Wisdom, Downy Sprout, Nocturnal bliss, Samovar breakfast blend, Moorish Mint

3.Nishi Sencha, Bai Hao Oolong, Masala Chai, Ryokucha, Royal Garland, Maiden’s Ecstacy

What makes your tea company unique?

We are not a tea company. We are a company that is here to foster positive human connection. Tea is our vehicle, and the means which we achieve our mission: creating this connection. We are also unique in the deep artisan relations we have with our suppliers, and, the fact that we are the only tea company in the country with the high caliber of tea that we offer, and make available in 3 urban locations, and on a website.

In three words, can your sum up the culture of your company?

Positive Human Connection.

What is the companies mission?

See above. Also, please check out our mission page which speaks to our unique culture.

Be sure to check out Samovar on Facebook and Twitter.


Tipu: Instant Black Chai

Chai has a special place in my heart, for it was in India that I had my first cup of loose leaf tea in the form of Masala Chai. So when I wasapproached to review Tipu’s Instant Chai, I was curious and skeptical at the same time. Because my first experience was so pure and authentic, I was not entirely sure that “instant” would be able to stand up to my expectations for quality.

The tea is self looks a lot like hot coco mix, brown and chalky. The aroma of it is spicy, with the smells of cinnamon, cardamon, coriander and ginger as the most prominent. The instructions call for just milk and any sweetener you prefer. So after heating 8 ounces of milk to about 212° F (100° C), I added the powder into my cup, mixed, and sweetened it.

The first taste is a classic chai that I have come to love. The ending taste on the other hand was something I think was a combination of ginger and black pepper.

The final verdict, to me, it was a little of a disappointment because of the ending taste of this tea. It was a little too overpowering and unpleasant to me. Don’t take my word alone though, I encourage you try it yourself and read the review our friends over at Little Yellow Teapot review of Tipu’s instant tea as well.