A Journey Through the World of Tea


Welcome to Tyro’s of Tea,

A blog for people interested in tea and the culture surrounding it.

The 411

Tea is the 2nd most consumed drink in the world, and is more than just tea bags. Enter loose leaf tea, a world of ceremonies, practices, and people from all around the globe.

There is nothing like brewing a pot of tea experiencing cultures and history through every sip.

And that’s where this blog comes in handy…

Tyro’s of Tea chronicles my journey around the world through tea, while sharing it with others at the same time.

I hope you will join me and share a cup with me.

What to expect here?

Post on…

  • Brewing methods for tea.
  • Tea reviews
  • Health benefits of tea
  • Tea ceremonies and practices from around the world.
  • Interviews with fellow tea Bloggers.
  • And articles behind the companies that bring us our tea.

You can get the latest updates by RSS, email ( at the top of the menu), or by point your browser to the site.

The Tyro

Jordan M. Williams

Welcome ! I’m Jordan M. Williams, college student (nursing major) and avid tea drinker.

I created Tyro’s of Tea as a result of casual hang outs at a local tea shop. This ignited a passion for all things tea. So much, that when the idea for a blog came up nonchalantly one day. I knew it would be evident the more I met with friends for our tea-centric kick backs.

My hopes for Tyro’s is to build friendships with in the tea blogging community. As well as providing  enjoyable post for readers with a focus on people finding a new interest in tea. Introducing them to other experienced tea Bloggers sharing their passion for the leaf.

What inspired the name? The word Tyro means novice/beginner. I wanted to go with a name that represented a starting line from which I would begin my journey through tea.

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